Workers Compensation, Personal Injury & Social Security Disability Verdicts & Settlements

Workers' Compensation Settlements

  • $889,465 Workers' Compensation settlement for a 53-year-old South Buffalo man who injured his neck and left arm. The injuries required multiple surgeries and medications.
  • $410,283.05 settlement for a 51 year old male worker for the Buffalo Municipal Housing authority to resolve his Worker's Compensation claim. The claimant had undergone 4 surgical procedures to his spine and was at maximum medical improvement with a permanent partial disability classification. The settlement includes yearly payments of 6372.15 guaranteed for his lifetime to cover ongoing prescription costs.
  • $358,725 Workers' Compensation settlement for a 46-year-old Buffalo man who injured his lower back while lifting at work. The injuries required lower back surgery.
  • $243,389 Workers' Compensation settlement for a 27-year-old Amherst woman with lower back injuries. The injuries prevented the woman from returning to her job as a production worker but did not require surgery.
  • $228,800.00 Workers Compensation settlement for a 52 year old female production worker who underwent a successful neck surgery. The claimant remains eligible for lifetime medical and prescription coverage from the carrier.
  • $216,658 Workers' Compensation settlement for a 47-year-old Cheektowaga welder. The injures resulted in surgeries to the lower back and multiple medications to treat symptoms.
  • $208,000 Workers compensation settlement for a 50 year old female truck driver for American Freightways. The claimant underwent 2 back surgeries and was no longer able to work as an over the road truck driver. The settlement terms call for continued medical and prescription coverage for the claimant's lifetime.
  • $208,000 Workers' Compensation settlement for a 39-year-old Buffalo machine operator. The injuries resulted in surgery to the injured workers’ lower back.
  • $200,000 Workers' Compensation settlement for a 42-year-old Orchard Park nurse who injured her back while assisting a patient which resulted in her not being able to return to work.
  • $165,000 Workers' Compensation settlement for a 40-year-old Buffalo News worker who injured her lower back. The injury did not require surgery but would not allow her to return to her previous occupation.
  • $150,000.00 claim for a 56 year old male over the road truck driver for Roadway Express with a low back injury. The claimant injured his back lifting and eventually retired when the employer would no longer accommodate his restrictions. The claimant did not have any surgical procedures.
  • $124,800 Workers' Compensation settlement for a 54-year-old Buffalo machinist. The case was resolved by keeping medical treatment available to the injured worker.
  • $120,000.00 Workers compensation claim for 44 year old mechanic at a Ford dealership for an injury to his right shoulder for . The claimant underwent 2 surgeries to his shoulder and has been able to return to work.

Personal Injury Verdicts and Settlements

  • $2,686,126.30

    Personal injury

    verdict for a 34 year old construction worker with lower back and knee injuries when a ceiling collapsed on him.
  • $2,650,000 Personal injury settlement for a 42 year old Union Carpenter who fell from a scaffold and sustained head and neck injuries.
  • $2,000,000 Personal injury settlement for a 27 year old Laborer who sustained electrical injuries on a construction site.
  • $825,000 Wrongful death settlement for a Jamaican family of a Farm worker who was killed on a public road while performing his employment.
  • $500,000 Personal injury settlement for a 26 year old dry wall hanger who fell from a scaffold and injured his lower back.

Social Security Disability

The Attorneys of Losi & Gangi have handled over 1,000 Social Security Disability cases with a 98% success rate.

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Previous results in no way guarantee future outcomes. Some settlements may include a combination of structured payouts and up front cash. Settlements do not include payments for weekly indemnity or medical treatment prior to the final settlement. For specific questions regarding your claim please contact our office.

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